Santiago Menghini
Jon Croker,Fernanda Coppel,Adam Nevill
Cristina Rodlo,Marc Menchaca,David Figlioli
An immigrant in search of the American dream is forced to take a room in a boarding house and soon finds herself in a nightmare from which she can’t escape.


Daywalkers’ 2 Cents…

“Just finished watching this movie and it was dark, creepy, intense and had just the right amount of gore thrown in the mix. The acting was top notch throughout especially from Cristina Rodlo as the lead character. You could feel her fear and anxiety oozing through the screen. It keeps you on your toes and mentally on point throughout the movie. The premise is ancient ritual sacrifice and while it does explain the Who and the Where which is obvious…. it just never explains the What and Why, although I’m guessing immortality with a very heavy price to pay for the privilege! Don’t get me wrong here though, leaving out the details adds to the intensity and mystery of it all. You just keep waiting for the other shoe to fall until the end, and in a way it does. Kudos to the creature creator in this one as it is truly unique in all it’s glory. Do yourself a favor and check this one out. Definitely will be time well spent. Not sure at this point if it will make my re-watch list but time will tell. It does leave you hanging a bit at the very end, but if you catch the subtle changes you will be able to put 2 and 2 together. If it doesn’t add up for you there are plenty of videos out there that have their interpretation of the ending. I haven’t watched any of them and not sure I will…your mileage will vary. I do suggest you watch the movie first unless your one of those readers that peek at the passages in the back of the book before you finish it. I’m not one for spoilers and feel that leaving a little mystery eventually brings you back for more. That’s one of the reasons movies are created with vague endings…the more people talk about it and give the movie a voice all it’s own, the more it adds to the bank account!!!  Keep ’em  coming back for more as they say.  More of my ramblings to come….”